Rena Mahon
Paintings and Functional Art


Rena Mahon

I am a 2nd generation Victorian and have lived here my entire life. I am fortunate enough to have my mother close by, be blessed with 2 beautiful daughters and 2 spriteful granddaughters who keep a smile on my face. I have always led a colourful life, not always pretty, but real. In 2017 a medical experience dimmed my colour and changed my world forever. My silver lining; I was ‘told’ to purchase paints and a canvas which propelled me into the world of painting.

Every painting challenges me to express and explore a creative side, which seems to unfold without thought.

Much of my inspiration comes from the continuous thread connecting all of us to one and other’s life journey. I absorb my personal life experiences, attempting to keep only what I own and need, letting the remainder serve others through my paintings. My artwork attempts to capture emotions, thoughts and feelings which characterize the internal moments of life we all share, although our own perspectives may differ. 

When I begin to paint, rarely do I have a plan with the exception of perhaps, a colour pallet or canvas/wood cradle size. I work with a brush, air brush, hand, straw, sponge or any number of items to move and manipulate the paint and ink allowing the painting to guide me. I thrive on the vivaciousness of life, so I am drawn bright bold colours, hence much of my work, regardless of the content will always emit vibrancy. I find the stability of acrylics, the fluidity of alcohol ink and the manipulation and rigidness of resin play an insightful comparison to the never ending mix of life.

My hope is that when another views my paintings, it triggers a connection within: a memory, emotion, moment in time or personal vision.  This was/is an unexpected gift I never imagined…all wrapped in silent communication and nicely tied with a soulful human connection. 

Pure Joy!